Broken Eye

The dying glass eye


An almost human looking malnourished body in jeans and a t shirt. The large cyclopean glass eye broken. Shards stick out from the edges revealing a black hole beneath.


The spirit of an ATM camera that has long been broken, it survives by thoughts of those who notice the blatantly broken ATM in the middle of the lobby. It asked for the pack to help his friend Razzle in exchange for the information it had about the Malignant.

Information Provided:
•The Cacophony met here with one that walks in both worlds that told them about the battle that took place across the street. It told the Cacophony that the group is part of the Shield Bearers, and it spoke their true names to the spirit. It spoke with a hiss, and the Cacophony called it the Viper.

Broken Eye

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