Shield Bearers

The Fall of Dina Fine

This entry is from the point of view of Erin “Stone Axe” O’Connor

When I changed, my world fell apart. The rules that i had played by for my entire life turned out be illusionary. The law, the thing I had the most faith in, turned out to be more imperfect than I could imagine. It took me months before I was truly ready to be back in the field. It delayed my rise to detective for a year at least, but it gave me a better appreciation for what it means to be a cop under personal duress. I think it made me a better Internal Affairs detective. It ironed out my greatest weakness. I can only help the change does the same thing for our new pups.

At 11:30 AM, Craig was ordered to “Standby to Keep the Peace” while child protective services does a review of a home. To “Standby to Keep the Peace” is to be present at an eviction, cps case or a peaceful protest. We never work for another agency, but we we present to keep them safe while they do their work. Standby. Keep Peace. It seems simple in practice, but it is emotionally trying. I can’t tell you the number of times it has led to me or another I.A. detective knocking on a cops door. When you see what some children have to endure to reach adulthood, you become amazed at how many survive. Unfortunately too many survive but are broken. These are our sociopaths, our psychopath and serial killers. Many people believe these individuals are just born, but please let me assure you that they are made. Made by people who like them suffered from child abuse or neglect.

When a cop sees this, sometimes they snap. They say things or do things which they wouldn’t normally do. They do something that gets them in trouble. For these cops, I seek leniency. Other times it embitters them to humanity, and it causes them to judge others by their racial or religious associations. It dehumanizes the individual, and it makes it easier to separate their own actions from theres. These cops I watch. These cops I hunt. It is why Heart Seer says I should have been a Iron Master. I see it as part of my duty as an Imnir. I will cull this weakness from the Newark Police Department.

According to Captain Williams, Craig Pearson and Irene Davis were just supposed to standby and watch as Arlington Williams did an inspection of the dwelling of Dina Fine. Dina Fine is a mother of two boys. Danny Fine, who was a witness to a case not long ago, and Damon Fine. All three live at 27 Parkview Terrace. Danny is 17, and he is only three months from turning 18. He has a record. Breaking and Entering, Vandalism, Petty Theft, Assault but he has been keeping his nose clean of trouble for the last two years, after he completed a stint in juvie. Difficult to do in the area which he lives. Damon is 7. A sweet kid by all accounts. Dina’s case file, I looked at it, it’s mostly neglect due to being a single mom. But there were some… instances of reported abuse they could never get the kids to corroborate. Dina is bipolar, but it was apparently untreated until just last year.

Arlington Behr, a tall thin man with dark brown skin and ashy patches on his joints was the CPS agent assigned to the case. He is a nice man. A true believer in what he is doing, and a defender of the system. I’ve always had a soft spot for him, and when I was a detective I always prayed he was the one called when CPS had to be brought in. He always smelt of wood smoke and brown sugar. He gave Pearson and Davis brief background on the case as they approached the house. I wasn’t there, but I can imagine he moved with that usual slow amble that frustrated so many cops. Truth is, its easier on his knees. He doesn’t like talking about it, but they bother him constantly. The three knocked. There was no response. So they entered.

Pearson caught Dina Fine running at them out of the corner of his eye. He also saw the children cowering in the corner, the older one bloodied. She lunged at Irene Davis with a blade, and she just barely dodge. Pearson attempted to grapple her, but she just barely managed to slip out. Davis pulled out her baton, but Pearson had the woman pinned before she could use it. In a blink. Just like that.

Davis brought Ms. Fine out to the car, while Pearson went on to do first aide on the younger brother. Danny had shielded his brother, and he got cut up. However it was Damon whose life was in danger. He had been stabbed in the gut by his mother. This is why good cops snap. Because of scenes like this. Pearson maintained control through. In the time it took for Kara and Colin to get to the scene, he had saved the boy’s life. The EMTs commended them in their report on the incident.

Collin and Kara did an initial search of the home, while Pearson was speaking with the EMT’s. The weapon was no where it would logically be. Kara went outside to speak Dina Fine, and to get Danny Fine’s statement. Danny remembered her name, and he reminded her of his role in the previous case. Danny tells her that the entire neighborhood has gotten worse since the death of Doc Halprin and Mrs. Green. He also states that his mother has been doing great lately, and that she is a good woman. He knows she is ill and does her best. Lately there has been food in the fridge, and the house has been clean. Kara told him that she didn’t think his mother would be home for a while, and that she would try to help get his brother released to him once he was 18. Danny informed her that it was only a few months away. She reassured him she would do what she could, and then she moved on.

Kara returned to the house, and then Collin went into the kitchen. Pearson watched the door while Collin pushed his senses into the shadow. He is instantly assaulted by a shadow filled with the sound of alarms. Large rumbling trucks chuck through the streets. There is a vague smell of decomposition and rot. The house looks… unclean in the shadow. The years of neglect still oblivious here. Gunshots echo continually, and there is just small motes of positive feelings floating around the room. Like emotion tinted fireflys of laughter, joy, peace and comfort. This home was not a safe haven, for the children or spirit whose remains were spread across the wall like blood. Collin, thinkly quickly, looked for the spirit of the scissors, and he spotted them walking across the lawn.

While this happened, Scythe showed up with Haverstraw. I find Haverstraw amusing. He is always chasing his next meal and his next woman. Spirits of lust and hunger find him from time to time for a meal, but his constant companion is a spirit of laziness that looks like a cat. Both gave the detectives and Pearson a hard time about losing the weapon. Haverstraw took some time to observe Collin being weird, and Scythe had difficulty pronouncing Pearson for some inexplicable reason. The two quickly looked through the room, and they found nothing. Kara sent Haverstraw outside to get rid of him, so that the other could talk.

Collin came back, and he explained what he saw. The pack deliberated for a few minutes before Haverstraw returned to let them know that Irene Davis has removed the scissors from the scene. The pack went outside. Kara approached Irene and she gently hinted that they knew she had them, and that she had to give them back. At first she was resistant, but once she was cornered she gave them up. Haverstraw agreed to keep his mouth shut in exchange for lunch.

The pack determined that the same spirit who had been responsible for the murder of Doc Halprin.

Oaths to the First Born
Tribal Initiations

(I will be updating the adventure log for each first change. This post will get some additional info as well by Tuesday. Please complete your characters by then. If you get an email notifying you that I’ve updated this entry, then you have got some special content you’ll need to login to see.)

Under the New Moon
Connor's First Change

Erin “Stone Axe” O’Connor narrates this entry.

I expected his change to happen at an inopportune time. I had expected to get one more day to finish up the Sullivan case before it happened. That was foolish of me. Between Jamie O’Malley hounding him to reunite with his mother and the curse that Enduring Faith put on him, Connor didn’t stand a chance.

Kara and Collin tell me that a blind man stopped them to warn them it was coming. They told me he didn’t seem right, and I believe it.

Jamie dragged him to his mothers, and that left me to wonder if the kid was going to make it. A change in the middle of the Bronx is not safe, even in the best circumstances. The Imperial Legion, the Protectorate that runs New York City, has its reasons for not liking us. They still blame us for not coming to their aid against The Mandarin, even though they all knew we were duty bound not to.

Jamie, from what I understand, wanted to make Mrs. O’Connor sauce. So they stopped at the grocery store. There a creepy “friend” from Connor’s childhood showed up. Jim Kelly. Bully, minor criminal and all around nasty character followed them through the grocery store. He didn’t need to follow them home, he already knew where they were going.

After spending some quality time with mom and Jamie, Connor was looking to escape. Jamie went to take the garbage out, and that is when Jim Kelly struck. Connor was outside immediately. He engaged Kelly expecting to make short work of him, but Connor knew it wouldn’t be that easy after getting hit with more strength then Kelly should have. After a short confrontation, he blacked out. He woke up in a park, not far from where people were, naked and covered in blood. He followed his own trail back to the eviscerated remains of the Jim Kelly.

I couldn’t go to him, even though I felt it was my responsibility. Kara and Collin went instead. I suppose he was lucky. Lucky his friends were so close. Lucky that he didn’t kill someone he truly cared about.

The Effects of the Crescent Moon

_ This adventure log is written from the point of view of Stone Axe. Also, each of you have a secret entry. _

Broad Back left me to handle things here while he went to grab Collin. It was a wise choice. Kara was in the middle of something with her girlfriend when I called. I could tell she was reticent to join me. She never questioned me though. She is a good soldier. Connor was a little too eager when I called him. The anxiety he expressed was concerning. He is still struggling to connect with people. I think he trying though.

We arrived at the scene to find a smeared tail of blood that led into the Laundry room. I waited outside while Kara checked upstairs and Connor went to work on Karris. It might have been better for Collin if Karris died. It would have been easy for him to do. He could have flicked her off like a light switch, and only Death Eater would have been the wiser. He thought about it I’m sure, but in the end Karris lived.

Kara did her best to clean the apartment of evidence of the first change, but there was little she could do in such a short time. Even Connor’s expert abilities weren’t up to snuff. We were lucky that his coworker Richard was able to help us clean up after the fact. He is also the one who would later give us [[Karris’s Diary/Sketchbook | Karris’s Diary]]. The one who would help Collin unlock the secrets of her past.

[:kara-strauss | Kara]] and Connor left the apartment on foot. Tracking their friend a good distance until Broad Back called them off. Kara went with me to question Karris. I spoke with the doctors. Karris had almost died, and she wasn’t out of the woods yet. I also listened to Kara in the other room. The doctors thought it was an animal attack, but she had initially told them she was assaulted by an intruder. Now she is telling Kara that she knows it was Collin.

Kara thought she saw the angel statue in the hospital, but Connor was sure he saw it in the apartment. Collin thinks it was starting to urge or control her. That is some pretty serious power, so it has to have grown into a spirit of something more than the statue. Broadback is pretty adamant they need to learn on their own though, so I keep my mouth shut. It is so hard for Death Eater. She just wants to tell them everything. Soon, she’ll get her chance.

The neighbors called it in as a domestic violence situation. This was going to get referred to I.A. I wouldn’t get the case, but this all adds up to so much bull shit that it sits on a desk.. Until then Collin needs to lay low. As I expected, he was placed on administrative leave the next morning. He spent the next few days moping around Heimulf and trying to figure out the story behind the spirit.

The boy does a good job on his own though. After a trip from the public library, he put together the truth of Karris’s life. He identified a possible Bane, and he figures out what kind of spirit it is. Honestly, for a raw recruit that is an intimidating feat. Inside of three days he figures out its ban, bane, name, preferred essence type and he has plan. We execute on the 30th.

That night. We speak our Deed names. We Tell our Story. Then a Lune of the crescent Moon. One with a jagged crack like smile, descended and marked him. We perform the right of Siskur-Dah. Then Collin tells us what we will do.

The pack waits in the shadow with Collin leading the way. Kara brings Karris the crucifix that was her mother’s to her, and she tells her it’s a gift from Collin. The moment she puts it on, the spirit jumps out from her body. It flees in twilight to enduring peace. Connor quickly runs up to the door. His cousin Jamie is there. She refuses to let him in, but agrees to have the woman living there put the crucifixes on once he volunteers to see his mother. Then he switches place with Talon, and he faces off against Enduring Faith.

Enduring Faith quickly made its power known. It pushed into his mind, flooding it with images of his childhood, and it made him obsessed with reconciling with his mother. The pack arrived just as Connor began to break down.

Collin stepped up, and roared in his wolf form at the spirit. He demanded he stop. It was one of those moments that made me shiver. The spirit stopped what it was doing, and the negotiation began. The pack was at his back. We were playing second fiddle, but I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t dissecting the disconcerting Angel in front of me. It looked like a creature made of living porcelain, straight out of one of those precious moments catalogs my mom had. The thing was powerful. In a one on one fight, Broadback was probably the only one of us to stand a chance. As a pack we would win, but I couldn’t rule out casualties without Maw present. The spirit was strong enough to throw a car, and I could tell it knew how to use it’s wings. In talking to Death Eater, it appears it didn’t have overtly offensive numina. However it could have done a lot of damage by dropping one of us from up high.

It was a tough negotiation, but Collin was able to get the spirit to promise not to directly influence Karris. It also agreed to stay out of twilight. In exchange the pack would protect Enduring Peace, Protect and Provide the Holding cell at the station as an additional territory. The boy did well. Without a doubt his research tipped the scales of negotiations. I could have sworn I saw that moon with a jagged smile watching from not far off.

The First Change
Collin will never be the same again

There is no preparing them for it. One minute you are human. The next the world is black. When you wake up, your life has been tinged with tragedy. The world is filled with thousand of more smells. The aches and pains leave your body. Your eyesight becomes perfect. You crave meat.

You have to face the reality that in the throws Basu-Im, you may have murdered your own loved ones. It is one of the most wonderful and horrible moments in life. The moment you are endowed with raw power, a new family and a truer understanding of the world. The moment the lines between right and wrong become blurred.

The first change is unique for all of us though, but the Auspice of a Uratha effects shapes it’s character. Being Ithaeur means a spirit was involved. It pierced the gauntlet, exerted its influence or even urged someone nearby. Whatever the truth of his change is, the consequences are his to deal with.

When Connor’s cousin Jamie came to the police station to ask for help finding Darla Johnson, Collin could not have predicted that the case would change his life forever.

It was a normal day up until that point. Connor had joined Collin and Kara for lunch. He returned to work on organizing the evidence for a case set go to trial next week. He instantly began driving his coworkers crazy, needling them with questions about a piece of evidence. He came up stairs to ask Collin and Kara if they knew where it was, only to find his cousin Jamie there. The two shared an awkward exchange as Jamie explains why she came.

Darla, a graphic designer, was living in a Enduring Peace women’s shelter that Jamie works with for six months when she went missing two weeks ago.Jamie suspects the boy friend is Rick Grimes a junior partner with Parnell, Strauss and King. The last people to see her were Jamie and a volunteer at the shelter Karris. The more Collin knew about the case, the more his gut began to wrench with a hunch that Karris was connected somehow.

Seeing an opportunity to get Connor out of their hair, Richard ask them to take Connor with them. Riviera volunteered to help due to the nature of the case. They split into two teams. Connor and Riviera went to the Premier Apartments where she lived. Collin and Kara went to the shelter.

Collin and Kara went to the shelter to investigate, and they ended up questioning Karris. She denied knowing any specific about the case, but she seemed off. This further raised Collin’s suspicions. Weirder still, for a split second, he thought he saw Karris’s Angel Statue out of the corner of his eye. When he looked though, the statue wasn’t there. The shelter is difficult for Collin to concentrate in.

At the same time, Connor and Riviera searched the her apartment in Premier Apartments. They had received information she was living with her abuser, but the door man claimed she lived alone. They found no forensic cases of anyone but her in the apartment, but they did find that someone removed electronic devices that were mounted in each room. In an unexpected turn of events, she lived on the same floor as Lawrence & Ryan. They claimed to have seen her walking down the hallway a week ago. The security guard provides them with video tape. He also lets them know that there has been an extremely high turnover of security guards in the last six months.

Unable to avoid it, Collin asks Karris to come into the station for an interview. Bonfanti and Riviera interview her to avoid charges of conflict of interest. Bonfanti was his usually douche self, but Riviera exercised an amazing sensitivity that was surprising considering his normal demeanor.

Through the interview, Collin finds out the truth about Karris. She is 36. She was orphaned at a young age, and she was sent to live with an abusive uncle. There she converted to catholicism. She became interested in the occult in her teens, and she began a relationship with Rick Grimes. They were highschool sweethearts. At first the relationship was good. It was warm and caring. Then she moved out, and he began to exhibit controlling behavior. He would grip her arm so hard it hurt. He would smother her. No one believed her though, because he was a rich white guy pursuing a law degree. He did not look the part, but she suffered. She was a victim of domestic violence, and Enduring Peace saved her. She sold many of her belongings to start over, and managed to make it as a business woman despite seeing her abuser on a regular basis.

After the interview, Captain Williams officially pulled Collin and Kara from the case. Collin went home, and he confronted Karris about keeping secrets from him. He did the thing so many men have done. He asked a question that he didn’t want the answer to. “Did you choose me because i was a cop to protect you, or that you thought i was too weak to hurt you?”

I cannot tell you truly what was in her heart or his heart in that moment. I can tell you that while her answer might have been meant to cut, she did not mean for it to change both their lives. Collin’s first time falling to Basu-Im, the hard rage, happened in the confines of their apartment. When he awoke, he was naked, alone and next to the bloodied carcas of a deer. He found himself overwhelmed by the onslaught of new smells. Despite that he could pick out one, the smell of Karris’s blood.

Collin will remember Jan. 27th, 2014 for the rest of the life. For when someone asks him the Auspice he was reborn under, he will say the crescent moon. He will say he is Ithaeur.

Skolis-Ur has shown me their Moons pt 3

One more altercation. That is all it will take. I was meeting with the rest of the pack to discuss the possibility that Bloody Maw would be punished when the call came in from the professor’s assistant. They were tipped off that the boys had stolen a personal effects of a classmate, Fujiko Mine. The school police officer Samuel Ming, a retired police officer, provides them with the classmates address as well as some information about the victims. They went to the student’s apartment to interview her. The worst case scenario happened while they wait. A spirit penetrated the gauntlet. The fleshy mass intruded into the twilight, and it was only pulled in by the call of the fight. The lust of battle that my nephew exudes was too much to resist.

It is in the heat of war that you are reminded of his greatness. He knows how to redefine Glory. The way he moves, the way he hunts. It is a glorious sight. The speed and efficiency of his strikes. The way he flows past the strikes of the enemy. In a battle of brute force, there are few that can best him. I wish I could show Kara the reason he deserves respect. I wish I could show Collin that knowledge is not enough. I wish could show Connor why we tolerate the grey area. We defeated the spirit. Bloody Maw bit deep into the heart of the creature, and its blood sprayed across the shadow. It drenched his fur, matting it to his side. He rended it, and the gore fell like hail. Our howls shook the World.

The Red Hand cornered two of the teenagers responsible. The gravity of their actions had not sunken in, because they did not believe in their own power. My three pups will find the sad truth to be that most of the world’s problems come from humans not believing in their own power. The two boys turned over the cigars, the source of this chaos, and then the red hand set out to discover the source of their power. Death Eater suggested they find a will worker, and that they hide in plain sight. They searched for weeks.

The crescent moon is in the sky, and Collin’s life has begun to twist. A lune sings in the distance as Collin’s life begins to twist.

A casual encounter with Green begins to test the bonds of his relationship with Karris. The woman, always a force of nature, turns her full intention on him. She pursues him like a snake pursuing its prey. Patient, wise and relentless.

The red hand found their mage. They found two. A pink wearing astrologist and her goth shop keep. Two stereotypes that blend in perfectly with the rest. They reveal to the red hand that human souls were used to make the cigars that have been causing so much chaos.

Date night with Kara, Tiffany, Connor and Karris reveals the cracks in their relationships. It reveals Karris’s need for the spiritual, something she cannot see but believes. Kara’s refusal to believe in something more despite knowing the supernatural exists is amusing to me, but the denial reveals Karris’s deepening faith in the things that give human meaning. God, the stars and the moon. I heard she was exhibiting weird behavior.

Skolis-Ur has shown me their Moons pt 2

We are sometimes blind to the flaws of family. Iminir are never blind to weakness. My pack’s weakness was evident, and that weakness was my sisters son. I swore to her I’d look out for him. That I would protect him from the horror of the world, and that includes if the horror his himself. He put us in a bad spot by hunting in Brick City Ghosts’s Territory. He had already violated the agreement we had once. He had already committed an act against the Oath of the Matantu before. He was becoming a danger to us, and a danger to himself.

I am told, while I was hammering out an agreement among the Council of White Eyes, the case behind the murdered professor continued. I heard whispers of it in the Hisil. I saw it in my dreams. The three were on the first real hunt of their young lives. They would change forever by the end of it. Three is a very auspicious number. Stone Axe, Heart Seerer and I all changed about the same time. We were all on the beat together. We all tasted our first spirit together. I will call them what they called us. The Red Hand (for now. Need a better name).

The Redhand first went to the Forgotten Clock to interview Collin’s rare book expert. She, and the owner, diagnose it as near perfect fake based off the binding. They do point out that the spells are written in too modern of a tongue for a late 19th century publication, and that they are different from other rare volume of the same book. Beyond that though, it seemed to be the real thing

The Red Hand went to the Rutgers to interview the professors other assistant. The one said to be their third wheel. The one in all the pictures. The one who Vincent Halprin mentored. The only one most people would consider to have motive for the murder. He eliminated doubt that he was a third wheel, when he revealed that those were double dates and couples vacations. He had a male partner he was hiding, but he saw fit not to hide from Kara. He took the vague description of the other witness, and he produced three names. They each had motive. Lawrence Dyer failed because of an obvious undiagnosed disability. The other Jason Meegle and Ryan Starr were just lazy assholes.

All three could be said to look like, in the dark, a fat rick moranis type guy. They were slightly overweight, more than a little nervous and they fit the very definition of a nerd. Kara, Colin and Connor showed up on their door with no warrant. Collin tried to search the place, but the Computer nerd was savvy enough to know the law. He called his lawyer, Kara’s Brother, and he informed the detectives he’d reach out to them at the station. Despite not getting much from the visit, Collin was able to get an imprint of their footprints.

An hour later all three arrived with their lawyer, Steve, and they were questioned by Kara. She got periodic reinforcement from other members of the pack, including Maw who happened to be there. However with her brother acting as a shield, she wasn’t able to break any of them. She did find out some information that would be useful to their investigation.

  • They owned the book, but they claimed they resold it.
  • The D&D kid actually made a girl he liked go crazy for/on him. It freaked him out.
  • They didn’t order, but they were made aware of some cigars sold online at
  • The website claims to fulfill people’s wildest dreams and fantasies with an ancient roman book of magic
  • The Anime kid had a thing for Leslie until he met a girl at school.

Steven stonewalled his sister’s investigation, but the investigation was already showing obvious cracks that could be exploited. Whether or not they can be exploited is a good test for the young pups.

There is also a question of whether they can be charged at all. This is something I’ve struggled with many times. When something is too implausible, the crime might be very real but the evidence is not. Not to mortal at least. The first test for them will be to see if they can break these teenagers and Cara’s brother. The second test will be to see if they take justice into their own hands or they contact me. The third test will be to see if they can live with whatever I decide.

The final test has yet to reveal itself. I suspect each might have their own, or Bloody maw might be all of ours. The Council is not pleased. Even the most respected of the Blood Talons believes that he is acting foolish, and he informed me that the two would be having a conversation about his actions. I worry that this problem cuts straight to the boys nature though. He just can’t accept that the Brick City Ghosts are what they are.

Skolis-Ur has shown me their Moons
The Trouble with the Young

The post is written from the point of view of Broadback. The characters do not have all the information contained within, but they can reasonable infer some of it. The characters know the pack has something else going on, and that its related to Maw’s behavior. They also know that the Captain is especially concerned about this case.

Newark is a crucible for the young. It is the urban wilds where they prove themselves, or they die struggling to. It is one of the many reasons I love this city. I knew when I first saw Kara, Connor and Collin together that something special was happening. I have this palpable sense they were meant to do something, and Skolis-Ur has shown me their moons. Right now, they share our blood. Soon they will share our oath.

It started at Sunday supper, when I gather members of the pack to share a meal. I have them share stories of their week, of their work. It helps me understand my pack. The evening started off exciting when Stone Axe arrived early with news that Bloody Maw had roughed up a local dealer with a bit too much vigor. Intimidation, that is part of the hunt, but Bloody Maw took it too far. Dirty Z, Zeke Robinson, is the cousin of a Uratha in the Brick City Ghosts. He is Wolf Blooded, and he is Kamduis-Ur’s Blood. Stone Axe was right to be furious. Rory not only committed an act of violence against an allied pack, but he interrupted the Siskur-Dah. Dirty Z managed to complete his work, but the damage is done. Maw will have to face his imperfections

The Wolf Blooded spent some time speaking with Death Eater and Heart Seerer. Heart Seerer says that Kara would make an excellent Farsil Luhal. He thinks Kara would be best served as a member of the Farsil Luhal, but I think she was born to be a Iminir. The drive, the intention to improve and the firm sense of mission. Connor has some social issues. The tell has impeded his development in ways the rest of us can’t imagine, but there is no excuses. Our enemies will exploit that weakness. We have to show him how first. Heart Seerer also thinks he would be a good Farsil Luhal. I am beginning to sense a pattern in his analysis. Colin, well Death Eater knows his destiny. His fascination with the Hisil and Umia. The way puzzles attract him. His mother is going to kill me when he joins the children of Kamduis-Ur.

Dinner was eventful.Kara, damn her superiority, baited Bloody Maw. I know she meant well. The boy will never make detective if he keeps going like this, but she knew she was pissing him off. Connor and Collin have a good sense for how dangerousMaw is. The Urdur came too close to losing his cool.

I was still trying to sort it out when the murder happened a couple days later. Captain Williams told me later that she could feel how important this case was, and that she needed Kara and the boy on the case. It wasn’t just the weirdness factor, but the case’s relationship to Green gave her a sense of its importance. It was bad omen that when Kara and Connor arrived at the scene, that my Urdur nephew was already digging his nose into a new pile of shit.

Collin was able to pull him away, and Kara was able to distract the other officers. In the thrall of Wasu-Im, Bloody Maw almost made another mistake. Collin sent him to wait for Death Eater. They walked into an apparent murder suicide. They checked the bodies, and the physical evidence checked out. Kara went outside to start interviewing wits. Collin was distracted by a ghost of the dead. He calls them loopers. Dead stuck in a moment. Sometimes in their last moments, and sometimes caught in a moment of high emotion. The fact Collin is functional at all is a fucking testament to his mother’s abilities to rear. She should have been a Iminir.

Connor, in the meantime, did his crime scene prodigy thing. I was on the force for 30 fucking years, and I never met a Crime Scene Tech with his abilities. He found a book of spells, leather bound and old. Each chapter had titles like “Working of the Mind” and “Workings of the Soul”. He also found the ashes of a cigar, and the footprints of a 5’6” male that weighed about 200 lbs.

Kara got roughly the same info from the Wits. Danny Fine, Anton Gates and Lauren Jones all appear to be uninvolved. Danny has a juvie record, but it seems like the vic Vincent Halprin had taken him under his wing. Anton Gates apparently looked up to the couple. Lauren Jones is guilty of something, but it is peeking. Kara really has a fucking way with people. In the end though, they are hunting a fat Rick Moranis in his early 20’s. I wish I could have Death Eater and Bloody Maw help them

After Collin gave Bloody Maw permission to help, the boy ran to an urge. He crossed into the Hisil and he tried to run down the spirit. He chased it straight into the Brick City Ghosts territory. It is a good thing I can trust the three wolf blooded to take care of things themselves, because the rest of us are going to be occupied cleaning up the Bloody Maw’s mess.

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5. Write your first Adventure Log post

The adventure log is where you list the sessions and adventures your party has been on, but for now, we suggest doing a very light “story so far” post. Just give a brief overview of what the party has done up to this point. After each future session, create a new post detailing that night’s adventures.

One final tip: Don’t stress about making your Obsidian Portal campaign look perfect. Instead, just make it work for you and your group. If everyone is having fun, then you’re using Obsidian Portal exactly as it was designed, even if your adventure log isn’t always up to date or your characters don’t all have portrait pictures.

That’s it! The rest is up to your and your players.


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