Tag: Mortal


  • Lawrence Dyer

    The Raid Leader. The Ring Leader. The Cool Guy. He is the son of Hedge Fund managers with Cambridge Associates, a large Hedge Fund in New York City. He went to a prep school, the Parnell Academy, in Massachusetts for almost his entire life. He has a …

  • Ryan Starr

    Ryan Starr has a long way to go if he wants to be a cop. Like he needs to lose about fifty pounds. He needs to find his courage. He needs strength. He is also a little too into his hobbies.

  • Jason Meegle

    Jason Meegle is the son of a successful business owner. His father owns six car dealerships. Three of them are luxury Cadillac dealerships. He was diagnosed with asbergers at a young age, and he has issues relating to women. He briefly had a relationship …

  • Karris Hawthorne

    Karris has always been a bit sketchy on her past. She doesn’t like talking about it, but he knows she is an orphan. She lost her parents in a car accident, and she moved in with her uncle shortly after. He knows that it has been her faith that has really …

  • Richard Haverstraw

    Richard is a normal, if smart, guy. His parents owned and operated a diner. He worked there once he was old enough. He studied hard, and he went on to college at NYU. He majored in biology and chemistry. There are rumors he is still in school, but most …

  • Doc Halprin

    Murdered by his girlfriend due to the actions of [[:jason-meegle | Jason Meegle]], [[:ryan-starr | Ryan Starr]], [[:lawrence-dyer | Lawrence Dyer]] in [[Skolis-Ur has shown me their Moons | Skolis-Ur has shown me their Moons]].

  • Danny the Tranny

    Danny is a latino trans woman who can't escape his birth biology. She doesn't have the money for transition. Kicked out of her house at 16, she is regularly homeless. She dreams of getting out of Newark, transitioning and starting over.