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  • Precinct 5

    This adventure log is from the point of view of [[:silas-heart-seer-davis | Heart Seerer]] I know what lies inside people’s hearts. I know because the spirits know. The danger of the _Hisil_ isn’t just the obvious, but the eyes of those things that …

  • The Fifth

    The building the 5th precinct is old, as old as the headquarters. Where the headquarters has been maintained, the 5th precinct has not. The outside of the book is darker than it should be, and even darker than the rest in spots. The stone steps leading …

  • Captain Edward Armstrong

    30 year veteran of the force who earned a reputation for getting shit done even in the worst neighborhoods. He spends most of his time in the basement gym of the precinct.. Introduced in [[Precinct 5 | Precinct 5]]

  • Shift Seargant Vanessa Bega

    Vanessa was once very pretty. The stress from the job and cigarettes have changed that without obscuring it. Her dusky skin is lined with wrinkles and spotted. She favors loose clothes when she isn’t working. Introduced in [[Precinct 5 | Precinct 5]]

  • Andre Levins

    A Haitain transplant, Andre resents the gangster culture in American cities. He rose in rank mostly due to his size. First appears in [[Precinct 5 | Precinct 5]]