Tag: Rutgers University


  • Lawrence Dyer

    The Raid Leader. The Ring Leader. The Cool Guy. He is the son of Hedge Fund managers with Cambridge Associates, a large Hedge Fund in New York City. He went to a prep school, the Parnell Academy, in Massachusetts for almost his entire life. He has a …

  • Ryan Starr

    Ryan Starr has a long way to go if he wants to be a cop. Like he needs to lose about fifty pounds. He needs to find his courage. He needs strength. He is also a little too into his hobbies.

  • Jason Meegle

    Jason Meegle is the son of a successful business owner. His father owns six car dealerships. Three of them are luxury Cadillac dealerships. He was diagnosed with asbergers at a young age, and he has issues relating to women. He briefly had a relationship …