In Newark, NJ, the people are under constant threat. Good cops struggle against a corrupt system to bring criminal to justice. The people sometimes see those criminals as their only option. But there are worse things out there. Spirits, vampires, skin thieves and ancient gods. The Matanto Protectorate is the only thing that stands in the way of these horrors, and the only thing that allows them to execute their sacred duties are the Shield Bearers.

Shield Bearers once protected soldiers, archers and generals from the enemy. It was a job for those who are swift, brave and fearless. The pack takes their name from them. They defend the hidden world of the Forsaken against the law. They hunt spirits who entangle innocents with the police and ridden who attract too much attention. They swore three oaths. The Oath of the Moon. An oath to keep their world hidden. A final oath to protect and serve.

Led by the legendary William “Broad Back” McGovern the Shield Bearers have kept the Forsaken of the surrounding area safe for the last thirty years. Modern technology, forensics and police work pose new dangers to their kind. It is up to a new generation of Shield Bearers to protect and serve. This is their story.

Collin Fletcher
Connor O’Malley
Craig Pearson
Kara Strauss

Shield Bearers

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