Shield Bearers

Precinct 5

First contact

This adventure log is from the point of view of Heart Seerer

I know what lies inside people’s hearts. I know because the spirits know. The danger of the Hisil isn’t just the obvious, but the eyes of those things that are not. Our senses are good, but some spirits might not have smell. Some are beings born and made of darkness. That is why we put our faith in Death Eater when we traverse the shadow.

The world of humanity is equally confusing and dangerous. The darkness that is in people’s hearts exist in stark contrast to the light. For every good person there is a bastard. For every redeemable bastard there is an irredeemable monster.

The 5th is dangerous because the Hisil and the humans are both sick. In both, there are redeemable bastards and irredeemable monsters. Unfortunately even I cannot tell one from the other at the moment, and that is why we are sending the pack in.

The team they selected is solid. Devin Suarez is a good cop. He was a part of the gang unit for years, and the undercover work finally took its toll on him. He’s trying to save his marriage, and he’s trying to avoid the notice of El Manos. This is a good opportunity for him. For my niece, it is a second chance to prove herself to Kara. I hope she is able to earn her keep.

The captain manipulated events in the precinct to telegraph their arrival. Yes, it gave Armstrong enough time to conceal his activities, but it also protected the pups. It provides Armstrong a false confidence he will get away with whatever he is up to.

We sent them in under the guise of investigating the rash of sudden murders. We blamed it on the side effects a new designer drug called NAGA that has actually hit the street. It is similar to E or MDMA. It is not unbelievable then that demon’s influence can be attributed to it. I feel bad for Ms. Fine though. It means she violated her parole. It means she is losing her kids, and that Danny is going to have a lot more responsibility. I didn’t tell the guys when they came to Heimwulf that night.

I didn’t give them the full lowdown on Precinct 5 either, because I am still trying work it out myself.

Weequahic has several players. There is Cicero Giovanni. Superficially he isn’t directly involved with Weequahic, he just operates out of the docks. In reality, most the bad shit that winds of in Weequahic comes through him. He has been arrested once, but a young Vice detective named Ed Armstrong. The bust made his career in the 70’s. Cicero is free today due to the competence of his lawyers.

One the same level as the Giovanni is the Los Caballeros de los Manos are a mexican drug cartel from the state of Guerrero in Mexico. They operate up and down the Pacific Coast, but they recently gobbled up another cartel in Mexico and seized their eastern seaboard operation.

There is Sex Money Murder, a street gang that controls several blocks in Newark whose members are legendary for their parties and drug trade. Rumor has it they cornered the street prostitution game at this point. They are affiliated nationally with the bloods.

There is the No Limit Soldiers, a street gang whose brutality is unmatched. They primarily deal in drugs and weapons. They are affiliated nationally with the crips.

There is a bunch of lesser gangs who might become problems in the future, but these two represent the greatest danger.

Then there are the random street thugs. As much as intelligence will be able to help them, they will be able to help intelligence and IA. Who’s on the take from whom? What organizations have a stronger presence in Newark now? What is their long term goal? These are all questions I hope to have answered.

Although Armstrong is too smart to expose himself, he was only nominally cordial to the task force when they arrived. Everyone seemed to understand why they were there. He immediately denied Kara’s request to have Connor workout of evidence lock up. He also provided an ironclad reason for it.

That left the pack to discuss their options, and they settled on getting Connor setup out of a storage unit.

One thing they were able to confirm. Thomas Sloan is on the take. Irene found a store owner who was robbed several times. Sloan extorted a store owner named Adnan Marangoz. An older turkish man with thinning hair, a thick beard and a business casual style. The initial interaction is on tape, but the actual extortion is not. The man wasn’t lying though. That much is for sure.

Not sure whether the break ins are related, or if Sloan just got lazy in offering protection.


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