Shield Bearers

Skolis-Ur has shown me their Moons pt 2

We are sometimes blind to the flaws of family. Iminir are never blind to weakness. My pack’s weakness was evident, and that weakness was my sisters son. I swore to her I’d look out for him. That I would protect him from the horror of the world, and that includes if the horror his himself. He put us in a bad spot by hunting in Brick City Ghosts’s Territory. He had already violated the agreement we had once. He had already committed an act against the Oath of the Matantu before. He was becoming a danger to us, and a danger to himself.

I am told, while I was hammering out an agreement among the Council of White Eyes, the case behind the murdered professor continued. I heard whispers of it in the Hisil. I saw it in my dreams. The three were on the first real hunt of their young lives. They would change forever by the end of it. Three is a very auspicious number. Stone Axe, Heart Seerer and I all changed about the same time. We were all on the beat together. We all tasted our first spirit together. I will call them what they called us. The Red Hand (for now. Need a better name).

The Redhand first went to the Forgotten Clock to interview Collin’s rare book expert. She, and the owner, diagnose it as near perfect fake based off the binding. They do point out that the spells are written in too modern of a tongue for a late 19th century publication, and that they are different from other rare volume of the same book. Beyond that though, it seemed to be the real thing

The Red Hand went to the Rutgers to interview the professors other assistant. The one said to be their third wheel. The one in all the pictures. The one who Vincent Halprin mentored. The only one most people would consider to have motive for the murder. He eliminated doubt that he was a third wheel, when he revealed that those were double dates and couples vacations. He had a male partner he was hiding, but he saw fit not to hide from Kara. He took the vague description of the other witness, and he produced three names. They each had motive. Lawrence Dyer failed because of an obvious undiagnosed disability. The other Jason Meegle and Ryan Starr were just lazy assholes.

All three could be said to look like, in the dark, a fat rick moranis type guy. They were slightly overweight, more than a little nervous and they fit the very definition of a nerd. Kara, Colin and Connor showed up on their door with no warrant. Collin tried to search the place, but the Computer nerd was savvy enough to know the law. He called his lawyer, Kara’s Brother, and he informed the detectives he’d reach out to them at the station. Despite not getting much from the visit, Collin was able to get an imprint of their footprints.

An hour later all three arrived with their lawyer, Steve, and they were questioned by Kara. She got periodic reinforcement from other members of the pack, including Maw who happened to be there. However with her brother acting as a shield, she wasn’t able to break any of them. She did find out some information that would be useful to their investigation.

  • They owned the book, but they claimed they resold it.
  • The D&D kid actually made a girl he liked go crazy for/on him. It freaked him out.
  • They didn’t order, but they were made aware of some cigars sold online at
  • The website claims to fulfill people’s wildest dreams and fantasies with an ancient roman book of magic
  • The Anime kid had a thing for Leslie until he met a girl at school.

Steven stonewalled his sister’s investigation, but the investigation was already showing obvious cracks that could be exploited. Whether or not they can be exploited is a good test for the young pups.

There is also a question of whether they can be charged at all. This is something I’ve struggled with many times. When something is too implausible, the crime might be very real but the evidence is not. Not to mortal at least. The first test for them will be to see if they can break these teenagers and Cara’s brother. The second test will be to see if they take justice into their own hands or they contact me. The third test will be to see if they can live with whatever I decide.

The final test has yet to reveal itself. I suspect each might have their own, or Bloody maw might be all of ours. The Council is not pleased. Even the most respected of the Blood Talons believes that he is acting foolish, and he informed me that the two would be having a conversation about his actions. I worry that this problem cuts straight to the boys nature though. He just can’t accept that the Brick City Ghosts are what they are.


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