Shield Bearers

Skolis-Ur has shown me their Moons pt 3

One more altercation. That is all it will take. I was meeting with the rest of the pack to discuss the possibility that Bloody Maw would be punished when the call came in from the professor’s assistant. They were tipped off that the boys had stolen a personal effects of a classmate, Fujiko Mine. The school police officer Samuel Ming, a retired police officer, provides them with the classmates address as well as some information about the victims. They went to the student’s apartment to interview her. The worst case scenario happened while they wait. A spirit penetrated the gauntlet. The fleshy mass intruded into the twilight, and it was only pulled in by the call of the fight. The lust of battle that my nephew exudes was too much to resist.

It is in the heat of war that you are reminded of his greatness. He knows how to redefine Glory. The way he moves, the way he hunts. It is a glorious sight. The speed and efficiency of his strikes. The way he flows past the strikes of the enemy. In a battle of brute force, there are few that can best him. I wish I could show Kara the reason he deserves respect. I wish I could show Collin that knowledge is not enough. I wish could show Connor why we tolerate the grey area. We defeated the spirit. Bloody Maw bit deep into the heart of the creature, and its blood sprayed across the shadow. It drenched his fur, matting it to his side. He rended it, and the gore fell like hail. Our howls shook the World.

The Red Hand cornered two of the teenagers responsible. The gravity of their actions had not sunken in, because they did not believe in their own power. My three pups will find the sad truth to be that most of the world’s problems come from humans not believing in their own power. The two boys turned over the cigars, the source of this chaos, and then the red hand set out to discover the source of their power. Death Eater suggested they find a will worker, and that they hide in plain sight. They searched for weeks.

The crescent moon is in the sky, and Collin’s life has begun to twist. A lune sings in the distance as Collin’s life begins to twist.

A casual encounter with Green begins to test the bonds of his relationship with Karris. The woman, always a force of nature, turns her full intention on him. She pursues him like a snake pursuing its prey. Patient, wise and relentless.

The red hand found their mage. They found two. A pink wearing astrologist and her goth shop keep. Two stereotypes that blend in perfectly with the rest. They reveal to the red hand that human souls were used to make the cigars that have been causing so much chaos.

Date night with Kara, Tiffany, Connor and Karris reveals the cracks in their relationships. It reveals Karris’s need for the spiritual, something she cannot see but believes. Kara’s refusal to believe in something more despite knowing the supernatural exists is amusing to me, but the denial reveals Karris’s deepening faith in the things that give human meaning. God, the stars and the moon. I heard she was exhibiting weird behavior.


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