Shield Bearers

Skolis-Ur has shown me their Moons

The Trouble with the Young

The post is written from the point of view of Broadback. The characters do not have all the information contained within, but they can reasonable infer some of it. The characters know the pack has something else going on, and that its related to Maw’s behavior. They also know that the Captain is especially concerned about this case.

Newark is a crucible for the young. It is the urban wilds where they prove themselves, or they die struggling to. It is one of the many reasons I love this city. I knew when I first saw Kara, Connor and Collin together that something special was happening. I have this palpable sense they were meant to do something, and Skolis-Ur has shown me their moons. Right now, they share our blood. Soon they will share our oath.

It started at Sunday supper, when I gather members of the pack to share a meal. I have them share stories of their week, of their work. It helps me understand my pack. The evening started off exciting when Stone Axe arrived early with news that Bloody Maw had roughed up a local dealer with a bit too much vigor. Intimidation, that is part of the hunt, but Bloody Maw took it too far. Dirty Z, Zeke Robinson, is the cousin of a Uratha in the Brick City Ghosts. He is Wolf Blooded, and he is Kamduis-Ur’s Blood. Stone Axe was right to be furious. Rory not only committed an act of violence against an allied pack, but he interrupted the Siskur-Dah. Dirty Z managed to complete his work, but the damage is done. Maw will have to face his imperfections

The Wolf Blooded spent some time speaking with Death Eater and Heart Seerer. Heart Seerer says that Kara would make an excellent Farsil Luhal. He thinks Kara would be best served as a member of the Farsil Luhal, but I think she was born to be a Iminir. The drive, the intention to improve and the firm sense of mission. Connor has some social issues. The tell has impeded his development in ways the rest of us can’t imagine, but there is no excuses. Our enemies will exploit that weakness. We have to show him how first. Heart Seerer also thinks he would be a good Farsil Luhal. I am beginning to sense a pattern in his analysis. Colin, well Death Eater knows his destiny. His fascination with the Hisil and Umia. The way puzzles attract him. His mother is going to kill me when he joins the children of Kamduis-Ur.

Dinner was eventful.Kara, damn her superiority, baited Bloody Maw. I know she meant well. The boy will never make detective if he keeps going like this, but she knew she was pissing him off. Connor and Collin have a good sense for how dangerousMaw is. The Urdur came too close to losing his cool.

I was still trying to sort it out when the murder happened a couple days later. Captain Williams told me later that she could feel how important this case was, and that she needed Kara and the boy on the case. It wasn’t just the weirdness factor, but the case’s relationship to Green gave her a sense of its importance. It was bad omen that when Kara and Connor arrived at the scene, that my Urdur nephew was already digging his nose into a new pile of shit.

Collin was able to pull him away, and Kara was able to distract the other officers. In the thrall of Wasu-Im, Bloody Maw almost made another mistake. Collin sent him to wait for Death Eater. They walked into an apparent murder suicide. They checked the bodies, and the physical evidence checked out. Kara went outside to start interviewing wits. Collin was distracted by a ghost of the dead. He calls them loopers. Dead stuck in a moment. Sometimes in their last moments, and sometimes caught in a moment of high emotion. The fact Collin is functional at all is a fucking testament to his mother’s abilities to rear. She should have been a Iminir.

Connor, in the meantime, did his crime scene prodigy thing. I was on the force for 30 fucking years, and I never met a Crime Scene Tech with his abilities. He found a book of spells, leather bound and old. Each chapter had titles like “Working of the Mind” and “Workings of the Soul”. He also found the ashes of a cigar, and the footprints of a 5’6” male that weighed about 200 lbs.

Kara got roughly the same info from the Wits. Danny Fine, Anton Gates and Lauren Jones all appear to be uninvolved. Danny has a juvie record, but it seems like the vic Vincent Halprin had taken him under his wing. Anton Gates apparently looked up to the couple. Lauren Jones is guilty of something, but it is peeking. Kara really has a fucking way with people. In the end though, they are hunting a fat Rick Moranis in his early 20’s. I wish I could have Death Eater and Bloody Maw help them

After Collin gave Bloody Maw permission to help, the boy ran to an urge. He crossed into the Hisil and he tried to run down the spirit. He chased it straight into the Brick City Ghosts territory. It is a good thing I can trust the three wolf blooded to take care of things themselves, because the rest of us are going to be occupied cleaning up the Bloody Maw’s mess.


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