Shield Bearers

The First Change

Collin will never be the same again

There is no preparing them for it. One minute you are human. The next the world is black. When you wake up, your life has been tinged with tragedy. The world is filled with thousand of more smells. The aches and pains leave your body. Your eyesight becomes perfect. You crave meat.

You have to face the reality that in the throws Basu-Im, you may have murdered your own loved ones. It is one of the most wonderful and horrible moments in life. The moment you are endowed with raw power, a new family and a truer understanding of the world. The moment the lines between right and wrong become blurred.

The first change is unique for all of us though, but the Auspice of a Uratha effects shapes it’s character. Being Ithaeur means a spirit was involved. It pierced the gauntlet, exerted its influence or even urged someone nearby. Whatever the truth of his change is, the consequences are his to deal with.

When Connor’s cousin Jamie came to the police station to ask for help finding Darla Johnson, Collin could not have predicted that the case would change his life forever.

It was a normal day up until that point. Connor had joined Collin and Kara for lunch. He returned to work on organizing the evidence for a case set go to trial next week. He instantly began driving his coworkers crazy, needling them with questions about a piece of evidence. He came up stairs to ask Collin and Kara if they knew where it was, only to find his cousin Jamie there. The two shared an awkward exchange as Jamie explains why she came.

Darla, a graphic designer, was living in a Enduring Peace women’s shelter that Jamie works with for six months when she went missing two weeks ago.Jamie suspects the boy friend is Rick Grimes a junior partner with Parnell, Strauss and King. The last people to see her were Jamie and a volunteer at the shelter Karris. The more Collin knew about the case, the more his gut began to wrench with a hunch that Karris was connected somehow.

Seeing an opportunity to get Connor out of their hair, Richard ask them to take Connor with them. Riviera volunteered to help due to the nature of the case. They split into two teams. Connor and Riviera went to the Premier Apartments where she lived. Collin and Kara went to the shelter.

Collin and Kara went to the shelter to investigate, and they ended up questioning Karris. She denied knowing any specific about the case, but she seemed off. This further raised Collin’s suspicions. Weirder still, for a split second, he thought he saw Karris’s Angel Statue out of the corner of his eye. When he looked though, the statue wasn’t there. The shelter is difficult for Collin to concentrate in.

At the same time, Connor and Riviera searched the her apartment in Premier Apartments. They had received information she was living with her abuser, but the door man claimed she lived alone. They found no forensic cases of anyone but her in the apartment, but they did find that someone removed electronic devices that were mounted in each room. In an unexpected turn of events, she lived on the same floor as Lawrence & Ryan. They claimed to have seen her walking down the hallway a week ago. The security guard provides them with video tape. He also lets them know that there has been an extremely high turnover of security guards in the last six months.

Unable to avoid it, Collin asks Karris to come into the station for an interview. Bonfanti and Riviera interview her to avoid charges of conflict of interest. Bonfanti was his usually douche self, but Riviera exercised an amazing sensitivity that was surprising considering his normal demeanor.

Through the interview, Collin finds out the truth about Karris. She is 36. She was orphaned at a young age, and she was sent to live with an abusive uncle. There she converted to catholicism. She became interested in the occult in her teens, and she began a relationship with Rick Grimes. They were highschool sweethearts. At first the relationship was good. It was warm and caring. Then she moved out, and he began to exhibit controlling behavior. He would grip her arm so hard it hurt. He would smother her. No one believed her though, because he was a rich white guy pursuing a law degree. He did not look the part, but she suffered. She was a victim of domestic violence, and Enduring Peace saved her. She sold many of her belongings to start over, and managed to make it as a business woman despite seeing her abuser on a regular basis.

After the interview, Captain Williams officially pulled Collin and Kara from the case. Collin went home, and he confronted Karris about keeping secrets from him. He did the thing so many men have done. He asked a question that he didn’t want the answer to. “Did you choose me because i was a cop to protect you, or that you thought i was too weak to hurt you?”

I cannot tell you truly what was in her heart or his heart in that moment. I can tell you that while her answer might have been meant to cut, she did not mean for it to change both their lives. Collin’s first time falling to Basu-Im, the hard rage, happened in the confines of their apartment. When he awoke, he was naked, alone and next to the bloodied carcas of a deer. He found himself overwhelmed by the onslaught of new smells. Despite that he could pick out one, the smell of Karris’s blood.

Collin will remember Jan. 27th, 2014 for the rest of the life. For when someone asks him the Auspice he was reborn under, he will say the crescent moon. He will say he is Ithaeur.


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