Shield Bearers

Under the New Moon

Connor's First Change

Erin “Stone Axe” O’Connor narrates this entry.

I expected his change to happen at an inopportune time. I had expected to get one more day to finish up the Sullivan case before it happened. That was foolish of me. Between Jamie O’Malley hounding him to reunite with his mother and the curse that Enduring Faith put on him, Connor didn’t stand a chance.

Kara and Collin tell me that a blind man stopped them to warn them it was coming. They told me he didn’t seem right, and I believe it.

Jamie dragged him to his mothers, and that left me to wonder if the kid was going to make it. A change in the middle of the Bronx is not safe, even in the best circumstances. The Imperial Legion, the Protectorate that runs New York City, has its reasons for not liking us. They still blame us for not coming to their aid against The Mandarin, even though they all knew we were duty bound not to.

Jamie, from what I understand, wanted to make Mrs. O’Connor sauce. So they stopped at the grocery store. There a creepy “friend” from Connor’s childhood showed up. Jim Kelly. Bully, minor criminal and all around nasty character followed them through the grocery store. He didn’t need to follow them home, he already knew where they were going.

After spending some quality time with mom and Jamie, Connor was looking to escape. Jamie went to take the garbage out, and that is when Jim Kelly struck. Connor was outside immediately. He engaged Kelly expecting to make short work of him, but Connor knew it wouldn’t be that easy after getting hit with more strength then Kelly should have. After a short confrontation, he blacked out. He woke up in a park, not far from where people were, naked and covered in blood. He followed his own trail back to the eviscerated remains of the Jim Kelly.

I couldn’t go to him, even though I felt it was my responsibility. Kara and Collin went instead. I suppose he was lucky. Lucky his friends were so close. Lucky that he didn’t kill someone he truly cared about.


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