Jamie O'Malley

Conner's Therapist Cousin


Her peers were into the Lilith fair stuff, but she liked the harder stuff. She has the same attitude and chip on her shoulder that she always had, and it helps her defend the people who need defending.


Jamie is Connor O’Malley’s older cousin. She witnessed his families unraveling after his aunt lost Connor’s twin, and Connor’s subsequent obsession with his dead brother. She was often considered the heart of the family, and she blames herself for not working harder to help her aunt. She was too preoccupied with her own life, and she didn’t realize how bad things were until they sent Connor away. She moved to Newark to be close to her cousin.

She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and a professor at the Rutgers Department of Social Work. She has a small private practice, but does mostly probono work with local non-profits. This includes Enduring Peace, a non-profit that Karris Hawthorne, volunteers with.

She recently asked Kara and Collin for help with the disappearance of one of her patients, and the subsequent investigation led to Collin experiencing his first change.

Jamie O'Malley

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