Kara Strauss

5'4, blonde with an athletic build. Always well put together.


Long: Join FBI
Med: Clean up the 5th
Med: Establish territory
short: take down sloan

int 2 wits 3

resolve 2
Strength 3
dexterity 3
stamina 3
presence 3
manip 3
comp 3

Academics 1
Investigation 1
Politics 1
Science 1

athletics 2
brawl 3
firearms 2
larceny 1
survival 1
weaponry 1

animal ken 1
empathy 2
expression 2
intimidate 1
persuasion 2
socialize 2
streetwise 2
subterfuge 1

Status police 3
resources 1
safe place (office) 1

Blood: Challenger
Bone: Guru


Kara grew up in a wonderful neighborhood and home. Her whole family is working professionals and were always well off. Her Father is a well known professor of Theology at Princeton. Her mother founded a very successful law firm that defends high profile, usually wealthy criminals and corporations. Since taking a less active role in the firm she has been working pro-bono cases mostly championing Catholic causes. Her older Brother Steven is also a defense attorney and often works against Kara’s interests.

The family is “accepting of Kara’s lifestyle choices” but still think it’s a phase. They are however quite welcoming of Tiffany, her long time live in girlfriend. Tiffany has turned out to be an infinitely patient woman and very understanding of Kara’s schedule.

Kara Strauss

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