Alternate Names: Krystallgeist, Shatterlings, Iri Thim

It’s not worth it, is it?

Background: Blightlings are spirits of urban blight.
They feed upon despair, apathy and the physical decay of a city. Fragments of lore call them c orrupted or sickened artificial-spirits of glass or brick, or perhaps elementals that became caught up in the destruction of man’s artifice, and tainted by his emotions.

Description: These spirits, no matter their origin, often resemble the cast-offs of humanity, bums or street people. It’s only when Blightlings draw nearer that one sees that their forms are as broken as ruins they seek to create: arms bent at impossible angles, twisted necks, broken fingers and mismatched limbs. Their warped bodies are made from a mélange of asphalt, glass, concrete and garbage.


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