Blood Talons (Suthar Anzuth)


Gibbous-moons of the Suthar Anzuth are often charged with keeping their packs from falling into Kuruth. The Blood Talons hunt other Uratha, and a battle between werewolves can quickly devolve into mindless violence from Cahalith 19 which no one escapes, unless the hunters keep their heads. The Cahalith, then, reminds her packmates of who they really are and what they are fighting for, even in the midst of carnage.


The half-moons of the Blood Talons are experts in exceptions to the Oath of the Moon. After all, the Oath says Imru nu fir Imru: The People do not kill the People. But the People clearly do kill the People, and that means the Oath must allow for that under certain conditions. The Blood Talon Elodoth, then, is the werewolf who passes judgment on other werewolves, condemning them to die — and reassuring her tribemates that carrying out that sentence is just.


The Irraka of the Blood Talons are the boogeymen among Uratha, the hunters of hunters. They are not glorious, grizzled warriors, but rather the hated monsters with silvered blades who kill werewolves in their sleep.


Spirit Masters of the Blood Talons hunt the pack totems of their targets. Once a pack totem is destroyed, the pack itself often falls. These Ithaeur also often choose to hunt totems that have gone rogue following the destruction or corruption of a pack, while some specialize in werewolves who have lost so much Harmony that they become trapped in the Shadow


The Warriors of the Blood Talons are probably the Suthar Anzuth that other werewolves think of when they consider the tribe as a whole. This might not be entirely fair — the Blood Talons are a martial tribe, true, but they are perfectly capable of approaching the hunt as something other than war. The Rahu among them tend to howl the loudest, though, so that’s who other Uratha hear.

Blood Talons (Suthar Anzuth)

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