Bone Shadows (Hirfathra Hissu)


Every spirit is a story, and a Bone Shadow Cahalith seeks to learn as many as possible. An Ithaeur, of course, is the spirit master, but every legend that a Cahalith knows or every dream that reflects the coming foray into the Shadow is, potentially, a spirit’s bane.

Hero’s Bane – Professor of Mythology who received his deed name for slaying a group of hunters who allied with a spirit of heroism.


These Elodoth, naturally, learn the ways and practices of the spirit courts. They don’t focus on the lore or the ecology of the spirits; that they leave to the Ithaeur. Elodoth of the Bone Shadows learn which spirits are the dominant ones, which ones have enemies, and above all, what the spirits consider taboo. This allows them to discover what Elodoth 23 their prey will never do, the places the prey will never go — the facts that the Elodoth can use on the hunt.

Rumor Mill – streetwise informant who always knows what is happening and where.

Bond Breaker – A grim Elodoth who earned her name by single handedly breaking up a spirit court, through words alone.

Speaker of Needles – respected amongst the old growth Forrest’s of NJ, including the pine barrens, Speaker represents local interests to courts of trees.


A Bone Shadow Irraka is an obsessive, eccentric individual. She undergoes a complicated system of purification and preparation rituals every day, and carries an assortment of charms and objects to act as bans and banes for the dangerous spirits in the area. When she hunts, she considers not just her quarry, but the spirits that might also hunt her target to feed upon it (as the saying goes, when hunting foxes, be prepared to meet lions).

Thorn – Be Prepared. The Hermit follows the Boy Scout motto to the 10th degree. He lets people think he is schizophrenic rather then deal with all the questions.


These Rahu are most likely to be tacticians rather than pure Warriors. Fighting spirits requires preparation, if for no other reason than they can usually just disappear and leave the fight unfinished. A Bone Shadow Rahu pays careful attention to how a fight with a spirit should progress, and often makes an offering to the spirit’s higher-ranked counterparts before the battle.

Blood Letter – A quiet and contemplative woman who wears hiking clothes at almost all times. There is a bit of fierceness in her eyes.


Bone Shadow Ithaeur are, naturally, the most feared of all Spirit Masters. Trained by their tribe and chosen by Luna to be shamans, they have a great deal of knowledge available to them. The expectations for such a character are therefore correspondingly high; a Hirfathra Hissu crescent-moon who can’t hold his own against a spirit is considered an embarrassment to his tribe.

Angie “Death Eater” Suarez

Collin Fletcher

Bone Shadows (Hirfathra Hissu)

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