Good Neighbor Baptist Church


The church is two blocks connected to one another. There are three stained glass windows on either side of the large block. This is the place of worship. The outside of the building looks like it could use a solid cleaning. The grass is cut low, but it has large patches of dead grass. There is a small playground out back that sits atop a sand pit. It is across from the Normandy.


The place of worship is filled with pews. There is a dais with a podium on one side, and a table on the other. The lights in the place of worship is dim. There was a small fire here only a month ago, and it has scarred some of the walls black. No one knows how it was lit, but they suspect it was a gang initiation.

In the Hisil, the the place of worship has a soft glow. The building itself is a definitely a spirit although not a powerful one. The Church is slightly larger than the place of worship. The cross radiates a soft warmth. The hisil has yet to rebuild itself from the The battle of Faerun. Piles of burnt wood occupy the corners, and there is soot on the walls. The summoning circle and the demons blood still stains the floor.

Good Neighbor Baptist Church

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