Hollow Men

Alternate Name: Nix, Forlorn, Adurra

This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper.

Background: Many would say that these strange beings are conceptual-spirits of the bleakest, nihilistic wastelands of human thought and emotion. Some say they are representations of the capricious hand of fate. When pressed, these creatures claim to be elementals of void. Strangely, most elementals attack them on sight or flee from their presence. None will actually claim Hollow Men.

Description: In the Shadow, they exist as vaguely humanoid fields of distortion with hearts of inky blackness. A very slight breeze seems to blow toward them, kicking off little dust devils and whorls that feed into their dim hearts. In the material world, they seem human, though they favor mirrored sunglasses, and large coats. They rarely speak, and someone close just might pick up that their mouths, eyes and navels reveal the Hollow Men to be just that — nothing more than a husk, a veneer of skin over nothingness. Often one finds they are having a conversation with one of the Forlorn — but its lips aren’t moving.

Hollow Men

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