Hunters in Darkness (Meninna)


The Mennina are the fear of the night, and that means that their Cahalith are silent and terrifying. A gibbous-moon Hunter is invisible until she wishes to strike, and then the story of her Rage is a quiet, intimate thing, a meeting that she and her prey share. In an auspice composed of the boisterous and the glorious, the Cahalith Hunters are more introspective and focused.


Elodoth Meninna have a grudging respect for their prey, the Hosts. These creatures are, after all, studies in dichotomy just as the Elodoth are. They are also blasphemous mockeries of everything under the Moon, however, and therefore deserve to die — but that doesn’t mean the Elodoth can’t appreciate their plight.


An Irraka Hunter in Darkness, some Uratha say, is redundant. Not so, say the new-moon Meninna. Hunting Hosts requires not just physical strength and brutality, but an attention to detail that other prey doesn’t necessitate. After all, most other targets don’t explode into a thousand tiny beasts upon dying, and the Irraka must consider how to kill such targets swiftly and in a location that allows for appropriate clean-up.


These Ithaeur watch their territories closely for signs that something is going wrong. They patrol their packs’ turf, looking for changes in the Shadow that herald interlopers, a sea change in the spirit courts, or, worst of all, the presence of the Hosts.


An enemy that despoils the Rahu Meninna’s territory in any way is taking his life into his hands. The full-moons of the Hunters take swift retribution on trespassers and vandals, regardless of whether or not the target knew on whose turf he was stepping. To the Hunter Rahu, it’s not about teaching a lesson, it’s about holding the territory. Where that is concerned, they do not — cannot — show mercy.

Hunters in Darkness (Meninna)

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