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The Mantanto Protectorate

The Shield Bearers
River Kings – Protects stretch of Delaware river & surrounding communities in North Jersey. (Collin’s mom is a River King))
Brick City Ghosts – Battling spirits of blight, and other creatures ready to take advantage of people in poverty.
Jersey City Collective – A loosely organized pack that is the protectorate’s main connection to NYC after the falling out with the Imperial Protectorate
The Harbringers – A Hoboken based pack that is loosely organized and primarily made up of Blood Talons. They battle the Ivory Claws for control of Hoboken’s quickly growing economy.

Fear City Protectorate

They operate primarily out of the Outer Burros, and the lower income neighborhoods in Manhattan. The protectorate is about 80 years old, but it changed its name in the mid 70’s when the race riots started. They are primarily concerned with preventing the awakening of powerful spirits long confined within the city and fending off the Ivory Claws. They suffered major losses just before 9/11 due to an increase in racial tensions, partially caused by events in the Mage community.

Local Tribes

Blood Talons (Suthar Anzuth)
Bone Shadows (Hirfathra Hissu)
Hunters in Darkness (Meninna)
Iron Masters (Farsil Luhal)
Storm Lords (Iminir)
Ghost Wolves (Thihirtha Numea)


Weekquahic (Weekway)

172 Shepard Avenue
Enduring Peace
Parkview Terrace
The Home of Sister Mary Beth
The Fifth

South Ward

Premier Apartments


Spirit Factions

The Kings of the Fifth
The Malignent

Spirit Bestiary

Hollow Men
Roach Colony
Urban Ferals
Water Horse


Social Maneuvering & Interrogation
Rites of the Uratha

Helpful Info

Cop Talk
Police FAQS
The First Tongue

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