Parnell, Strauss and King

Parnell, Strauss and King is a law firm that is hard to describe by the cases they handle, but they are more easily described by who their clients are. For years their U.S. offices were located in New York City, and they only recently moved to New Jersey. They still maintain space in NYC, but the bulk of the work now happens in Downtown Newark.

Strauss Parnell and King was started by Andrew Parnell, Ursula Strauss and Igancious King. All three are known for their conservative activism and contributions to conservative causes. Alumni of their law firm are highly ranked officials in government, CEO of companies and members of the political machine.

Steven Strauss is a senior partner. He is a legend in the company for his ability to defuse situations before they ever reach a court room.

The three founding partners are semi-retired, and but they are still a presence. Especially Ursula Strauss who does probono work for prolife organizations.

Parnell, Strauss and King

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