Roach Colony

Alternate Names: Ten Thousand Legs, Limi Surun

We are we.

Spirit Swarms are one of the most disturbing creatures of Shadow. They are not like the hosts in that they were never united in one form. They are colony spirits, spirits of collective might and will. The concept of an overwhelming horde, a horrific mass made up of innocuous parts has spread over into other spirit types including information spirits, and ideologicals.

Description: These creatures have two forms. One is that of a giant, nightmarish version of their physical type, in this case an enormous cockroach nearly the mass of a man. The other form is that of a swarm of roaches. Even in its singular form, it’s not quite a solid whole. Close inspection reveals thousands of roaches compacted together. This is also betrayed when it moves as parts of the creature seem slightly out of synch with the other, much like a school of fish. In this state, a sharp blow passes through its body, scattering the smashed carcasses of its constituent beings in a gory arc, but doing little damage.

Roach Colony

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