Alternate Names: Setti, Hirdab

I have many ways to kill and all the time I need.

Background: Scorpions are amongst the most ancient of predators, predating nearly all others still in existence. They are not fast, perceptive, quick-witted or even that active. They either ramble about feeding upon whatever they come across or wait in the shadows for something to stumble across them.

Over the millennia, they have taken on the roles of guardians, often of tombs and the dead. Perhaps this is due to their ability to survive almost any privation or merely from their fearsome appearance. Elder scorpion spirits often take on these dimensions, becoming fearsome guardians of the paths to the Underworld in the Shadow — feeding upon the living who dare search out those paths or the ghostly spirits that seek to escape the gray realm of the dead. Some of these even take on partial human form, sporting human torsos, or hands instead of claws.

Description: A scorpion the size of a large dog is terrifying in and of itself, but a spirit scorpion’s chitin is further decorated with tokens of the spirits the spirit has fed upon. One may be stony, another covered in bone, like a living reliquary. Often the faces of their victims are frozen in the loops and whorls of their armored skin. More powerful scorpion-spirits sometimes sport multiple tails or sets of claws.


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