Storm Lords (Iminir)


The Cahalith of Winter Wolf revel in tales of hardship. They relate stories of wounds, but not death; trial, but not defeat. They believe that anything can be overcome, and that a disadvantage is just the part of the story that builds tension. Many Storm Lord Cahalith prefer methods of storytelling with formulae to follow, such as Noh drama, traditional stories, or genre films.

William “Broad Back” McGovern Shield Bearers


The Storm Lords hunt the Urged and the Claimed, and their Elodoth therefore have to learn spirit behavior as well as human. Unlike the half-moons of other tribes, though, they don’t seek to become part of their prey’s circles. The Claimed have removed themselves from the protection of law, both human and spirit, and the Elodoth of the Iminir are therefore some of the most uncomplicated of the half-moons.

Franklin “Wiseman” Rogers – Brick City Ghosts


The Irraka of the Iminir work to outlast their prey, drive them further and further away from comfortable surroundings and any hope of aid, and then strike, almost mercifully, when the target collapses from exhaustion. These Irraka are used to prey that they have to kill twice — the fleshy body of the Claimed, and then, just as often, the released (and angry) spirit.

Erin “Stone Axe” O’Connor Shield Bearers
Connor O’Malley Shield Bearers


The crescent-moons of the Storm Lords work to find and eliminate Claimed before the spirits fully own their targets. That means they sometimes kill people who seem like they might be good candidates for Claiming, reasoning that it’s better for someone to die a mortal than undergo the agony of becoming duguthim. They also hunt down spirits who show the interest or proclivity to possess people, though how they make that determination is something of a mystery

Silver Lord – River Kings


Rahu of the Storm Lords fight until they are torn to shreds. They know that whatever injuries they receive will heal. Defeat, even if it doesn’t kill them, leaves a scar that will shame them forever. More to the point, defeat when fighting the Claimed is especially dangerous. Uratha are not immune to being Claimed, and the greatest fear of any Iminir Rahu is becoming one of the Su’ur.

King “Dominance” Lee – Brick City Ghosts
Frost Bite – Harbringers

Storm Lords (Iminir)

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