The Fifth

The building the 5th precinct is old, as old as the headquarters. Where the headquarters has been maintained, the 5th precinct has not. The outside of the book is darker than it should be, and even darker than the rest in spots. The stone steps leading to the front door are chipped, and it seems like an air of tobacco lingers just outside the front door.

In the Hisil, the 5th Precinct looks very much like it does in the real world if a little more worn. The building is illuminated with long creeping thorny vines sticking to the side of the building. A swirling mass of smoke lingers on the steps. It is vaguely human shaped, and it almost looks like it is lounging.

The 5th is a small precinct with three floors. The basement is a gym and fitness area including the locker rooms and staff bathrooms. The main floor has the tombs, interrogation rooms, equipment lock up, Booking, Roll Call/Conference Room, Evidence Reception and Evidence lockup. The second floor has the captain’s office, shift lieutenant office and the work room for officers to fill out paperwork. The inside of the station is better kept. Clean enough to pass inspection, but not enough to impress. The main reception desk is large oak, and it was like beautiful at some point. Now it is pitted, dented and scratched. The pipes creak and clang with the pressure of the steam being pushed into them by the coal burning furnace downstairs. You can smell the soot.

Squat creatures with grey skin, pointed ears and tooth filled mouths occupy the 5th precinct. They call themselves mischief, all with the same name. They seem to thrive off the chaos and disorganization of the place. They are all also constantly trying to murder one another. There are other spirits here too. A large hulking shadow that vaguely resembles a dog that lurks in the dimly lit tombs. The living bloodsplatter that crawls over the interrogation room walls. The rolled bills that crawl across the floor like maggots feasting on a wound. The small blisters that forming on the walls that look almost flesh like and like they might pop at any second.


The Naga Task Force

Kara Strauss
Connor O’Malley
Craig Pearson
Collin Fletcher
Detective Devin Suarez
Irene Davis



Captain Edward Armstrong
Shift Sargent Vanessa Bega
Shift Sargent Andre Levins


Thomas Sloan

Other Humans

Civilian Employees



Kings of the 5th

The Soot
The Heat
Eye of the 5th
The Gym Genie

Other Spirits


The Fifth

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