The Shield Bearers

The Shield Bearers have a sacred duty to protect the Uratha soldiers who are waging war against the servants of Matanto, and to protect humans from the dangers of the hidden world. They swear many Oaths, and those Oaths are sacred. The Oath of the Moon is the Oath that guides all their actions. It is the foundation for all Forsaken law and agreements. Their tribal vows help define them as Forsaken. The Oath of the Matanto Protectorate defines their place in the world of shadows, while their Oath of Service defines their place in the physical world.


The Oath of the Moon
Tribal Vows
The Matanto Protectorate



William “Broad Back” McGovern
Angie “Death Eater” Suarez
Erin “Stone Axe” O’Connor
Silas “Heart Seer” Davis
Rory “Bloody Maw” McGovern


Connor O’Malley
Kara Strauss
Collin Fletcher

The Shield Bearers

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