Urban Ferals

Ferals, Brutes, Wilders

Quote: Grrr… this is my hunting ground.

Background: Many of the spirits of the cities have come full circle, just like their material counterparts. They have traveled from spirits of the wilderness, to domesticated shadows and then back to wild again. But now their home is not a verdant forest, but a tangle of brick, plastic and concrete in the Shadow of man’s cities.

Description: Urban Ferals might resemble cats, dogs or even pigeons, but their dependence upon man’s world (its Essence) has marred them with anthropomorphic features, such as hands and faces. Some may actually resemble humans, except for animal heads and/or appendages. Others more closely resemble their animal forms, but are composed of artificial materials, such as newspaper, concrete or asphalt. This seemingly mismatched appearance sometimes means they are confused with hybrids (magath).

Known Ferals:

Urban Ferals

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