Water Horse

Alternate Names: Each Uisge, Kelpie, Drowning Horse, Huenna Sisi

Please, my foot’s caught on something under the water, can you give me a hand?


Background: Horses have long been associated with water, whether their forms have been seen in the curling ocean waves or the sound of their hooves in the crash of the surf. The Water Horses either influenced this or responded to this association, or both. (There are many spirits that share this causality dilemma — which came first, man’s association or the spirit’s inclination?) These spirits are often amongst the most mercurial, sometimes seeming more neutral to humans, only to feed upon them, or more exactly, nourish themselves upon humankind’s fear of the water. Water Horses relish the fear generated from their victims’ feelings of inescapable doom.

Description: This spirit’s normal form is that of a blue-black horse, but when it ventures into the material realm, a Water Horse normally wears the form of a handsome man or woman whose hair seems dripping wet. It can also take the form of a coherent wave of brackish water.

Water Horse

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